WoW Guide — Feral Druid DPS 3.3.5 [HD]

Feral Cat DPS at Wotlk -Spec-,qJyOHR,12213 -BadKitty Addon-
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25 thoughts on “WoW Guide — Feral Druid DPS 3.3.5 [HD]

  1. Glyph of Berserk? I think Savage Roar is more effective. 5 sec longer ulti
    or +3% melee damage all the time

  2. рак. Глубокая рана до конца не спадает, он уже новую вешает. Прок же
    последний не успевает сработать

  3. And remember, my fellow dudus. Focus macros. Use addon Tell me When to keep
    track of your bleeds and savage roar better.

  4. Not bad. Thanks for the vid, I just recently started working on dps offspec
    for my resto druid, this was helpful.

  5. what is the name of addon showinng when coodlowns reset which is upper of
    skills and if any know name of addon which shows debuff over head (deh coil
    fear etc.._

  6. I would use glyph of savage roar, instead of berserks.. with berserk u can
    top ur dps, but overall damage is bigger with that 3% dmg buff I would say..

  7. hey i think you shud make a little difrent guide on the same feral druid
    because i think you have all full set of honor gear and then that dmg is no
    wonder nad im talking about 3.3.5

  8. i wish ferals were like this again lol bleed reliant just it was way better
    for a feral in cata or wotlk than mop imo i dont like the new talent tree
    or build

  9. hello thx for the guide 🙂 i am using it but can you tell me pls what is
    the addon with the numers they are cool!

  10. when i open the wow the badkitty its in the center , i dont know how to
    move it , please help

  11. mangle before you rip/rake so they do more damage… read my first comment

  12. it said right in your video that you used your dots before you mangled..

  13. Thanks for this guide, it helped a lot! I ended up searching for a private
    server and found a good one finally – ETERNAL-WOW! Make sure to hit me up
    on there if you join, because I need a leveling partner.

  14. whats ur Gearscore on that feral druid, and how to get the numbers of the
    damage u do is it an addon??

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