Tank Armor VS Power Armor: DPS and Defence Test [Runescape 2014]

Tank Armor still does have its uses in this game. Join my FC in game at: «munclesonkey» Twitter: https://twitter.com/munclesonkey Twitch Channel: http://www.twitch.tv/munclesonkey Second…
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25 thoughts on “Tank Armor VS Power Armor: DPS and Defence Test [Runescape 2014]

  1. hey Muncles, did you stack adren while in tetsu? I average around 30
    seconds without any helping auras and pots while using dry longs and tetsu.

  2. If you have superior tetsu you are not likely to go to bandos tho

    Would be better to compar with normal tetsu? Or even other low-level tank

  3. yo muncle can you compare Warpriest vs Bandos at gwd? both t75, both
    commonly used at gwd, wonder which is better.

  4. 45 seconds kills . My record is 28sec with ovls +turmoil tetsu and dry

  5. How do you minimize the enemies health bar? When I kill enemies I see their
    name and CB level but when you fight them you have to hover your mouse over
    them to see their name and CB level. How do I do it?

  6. Level 90 2h weapons vs dual wield 90 weapons if you can get a hold of

  7. I agree that this is good overall indication, however — there is a small
    issue with this particular test. Since power armor gives faster kills,
    you’re not tanking damage for the same amount of time in the same number of
    kills. For example, in 20 kills with power armor, you might only be
    averaging 15 auto atks from boss, while in tanking armor, you might average
    18 auto atks from boss. To remove this small error, you would have to
    record dps difference using some measure (number of kills, direct lps
    measurement, or kill times), and dmg taken using another choice of measure
    (like time tanking hits or number of auto atks from boss taken).

  8. Hey muncles, maybe it’s already asked for, but can you make a guide of how
    to get pop armour?:) I would really like to have sup sea singer… 

  9. If you have torva but you don’t have 92pray you have priorities messed up

  10. This is why munclesonkey is so great. Despite having a comp cape, he still
    takes into consideration that the large majority of us don’t have access to
    top-level gear and abilities and he gives advice based on that. There are
    far too many videos out there that just say «Oh, just use full level 90
    equipment and use overloads and ss and turm and bring your max cape.» and
    it’s just like… I’m pretty sure if we had all that stuff, we wouldn’t be
    looking up guides for basic stuff like GWD bossing :P

  11. The fact that torva still had faster kills over tetsu despite eating almost
    twice as much shows how significant torvas damage bonus is now. Before it
    was tiny in comparison to now. 

  12. Hey Muncles; is it possible for you to establish the difference between
    level 80 and 90 power armours? I think it’d be a reasonable thing to
    establish simply because one is fully degradable whilst the other isn’t. I
    think it’s worth knowing if the dps difference is great enough to commit to
    an armour that’ll eventually become nothing. Obviously to test this, you’d
    have to buy your own set, which you may figure as a waste of money

  13. talk about what a low level should aim for first. Drygores first, turmoil
    first or overloads first.

  14. wow 50 secunds kill is so slow,i was doing less than 30 secunds kills in

  15. I like using my Tetsu. It’s a bit easier to use, while still being good.

  16. tetsu doesn’t give lp anymore… does it? or was it bugged not giving lp.

  17. chance of getting a drop with ring of wealth, and chance of getting a drop
    without ring of wealth 

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