свежак дпс КАЗАХСТАН

нет зарабатка в городе поедем в село ! г.Шымкент Сайрамский район с. Чернаводск не определенная остановка т/с.
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16 thoughts on “свежак дпс КАЗАХСТАН

  1. Its an inconvenience that you didn’t show which slots you used power

  2. i dont care about top damage or how effective a power is. my only care is,
    is rage fun? im quantum atm and im bored with it. looking for a fun power
    to keep things fresh.

  3. Wanted to try rage dps out, the one thing I need work on is the animation
    cancel of your #3 and proceeding from there into the Hold, Hold, clip #2.
    Any «animation cancel for dummies» guide?

  4. Fire, Earth, Ice, Rage, which DPS do you think is the best? Cuz Im planning
    to switch to the power that has a Tank role.

  5. So what’s the average you hit when you go into weapon mastery because I hit
    not that great when I’m only 400 precision away from you is it skill points
    or just bad loadout

  6. Yo FlowerFly here how u like berserk now ?^^after nerfing i dont use any SC
    its waste of slot :)

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