Level 1 Dps Record — WoW

Tempofreak aka Raegwyn (Zuluhed EU) does the highest dps on a level 1 char you have ever seen. Buffs: Warchiefs Blessig (most importent) — http://www.wowwiki.com/Warchief%27s_Blessing …
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24 thoughts on “Level 1 Dps Record — WoW

  1. Dont mean to burst tour bubble but, my friends lvl 1 twink lock had an 893
    crit before.

  2. LAME!!!! Look how many buffs he has. Obviously it will be a 278. Wonder
    what kind of weapons those are too…. They look enchanted.

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  4. he is not level 1 he has the 2nd ability which is level 3 required

  5. to all you ingorants who say this is fake cause evis and combo points arent
    available till level 3, this was done in wrath of the lich king expansion
    when rogues had sinister strike rank 1and eviscerate rank 1 as baseline at
    lvl 1. If you did not play before the upload date of the video, then really
    , do not bother commenting to this video cause you have no idea what you
    are talking about.

  6. It looked like a pretty complex dps strat too not sure everybody could pull
    it off

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