How to play an arms warrior, PvE DPS guide: patch 5.4

What you need to know to DPS as an Arms warrior in World of Warcraft patch 5.4. I recommend using to maximize your gear.

25 thoughts on “How to play an arms warrior, PvE DPS guide: patch 5.4

  1. whats the attack at the end where you have like 50 blue slashes?

  2. what is the addon that shows you the time left on taste for blood and
    colossus smash? in the red boxes between the health bars

  3. Thinking about coming back to wow looking for a good group and a good
    server to play on

  4. hey sry im new to wow, should i use some macros? If yes can you pm pls with
    them? :)

  5. What addon do you use for showing damage dealt? the numbers

  6. Can you make an Arms DPS guide for dummies? I think I’d benefit from that

  7. what addon is being used to show the cooldowns of CS ext… 

  8. Thanks so much! I’m not 90 yet so I can’t use Blood Bath but other than
    that I’ll try this rotation you suggest. Let’s hope I’m now lowest DPS
    after this. :)

  9. You are just AWESOME! finally someone who actually explains what to do in a
    fight, not just the talents and armor 🙂 keep going

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