FFXIV i128 Monk Striking Dummy DPS 600-620 DPS

http://puu.sh/dhNQ6/0d2511bb64.png http://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/character/5517950/ http://www.reddit.com/r/ffxiv/comments/2oe018/i128_monk_striking_dummy_600620_dps/
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20 thoughts on “FFXIV i128 Monk Striking Dummy DPS 600-620 DPS

  1. I love how people are still commenting about the use of one Mercy Stroke.
    GG inflating your numbers. Yeah, ok.

  2. Name of your parser? I’m ilvl 123 MNK i’ve 640 on APP // 590 on ACT

  3. People are doing all this verbal gymnastics to try and basically say «I
    want to know what it would be without mercy stroke».
    It’s not some mystery. The number’s right there on the screenshot. 109715
    damage done with Mercy Stroke. Take out the 1344 Mercy Stroke = 108371
    damage done total. Over 181 seconds. WIth Mercy stroke: 606.16 DPS. Without
    Mercy Stroke: 598.73 DPS. There, you can stop acting like the entire
    display is worthless because the single mercy stroke obfuscated the final
    number by some tremendous amount and you feel cheated or something

  4. can u do that without buff food, str potion and ?same when u were ilvl 116.
    then u ll see ur real dps, it will be a way lower. buff food and str potion
    is just a » bonus » !

  5. While I don’t refute that this is an excellent parse and insanely well
    done, I will also question the legitimacy of using Mercy Stroke, in parsing
    it is generally unwanted due to the fact that: 1. It is used closer to the
    end of the fight, 2. Where you used it, you had: Blood for Blood, Internal
    Release, as well as an X-Pot of Strength all up, basically optimizing the
    amount of damage, as well as the potential crit, of that ability. I am
    exceedingly impressed with your DPS, but at the same time, I want to see
    you do such without adding stroke, even though it is one ability, it still
    pushed your number at that time up by almost 100, and you just basically
    maintained it from there.

  6. Hey, I seemingly clip at around the same times as you and everything, and
    am i125. I was wondering what I may be doing wrong. I’ll have to parse more
    tonight. There might be something I am missing.

  7. I dunno why I’m wasting my time writing youtube comments for trolls to

    But get over the extra abilities. I hear people bitch at my all the time
    when I’m testing max numbers because «OMG YOU USED MERCY STROKE ONCE» or

    Get over it people…. that’s part of the game and it’s mechanics and the
    way things work. Howling fists hits multiple targets many times during
    different fights, therefore is valid…. Hell, in t12 I think the first 4-6
    howling fists hit multiple targets depending on how many bennus we get…
    Does that mean the any of the numbers ever posted from that turn are
    invalid because the whole thing wasn’t single target? Because if so then
    probably every BLM parse I’ve ever seen needs to be thrown out the
    window…. probably SMN too.

    Grow up whiners. Stop bitching about stupid shit in a video game….

  8. whats your philosophy on demolish and tod. do you have a set schedule to
    put demolish like every 3rd rotation or when its at 5 seconds?

    awesome work 

  9. Dear god this DPS …. probably the best MNK on Hyperion. (btw I’m on
    Hyperion also.. Dragum Kirisute is my name)

  10. Probably do more if you stop clipping your demolish. Also using mercy
    stroke in parse for shame.

  11. 590 as i123 monk, i125 wep, no mercy stroke, nothing special, pretty

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