DPS-MIS Farewell’14 Dance

OK so here you go! And really sorry that the video is shaky but I didn’t have a tripod and people were jumping way too much. Enjoy 🙂
Video Rating: 4 / 5

A basic guide on how to do DPS as a Feral Druid. Keep in mind that this is my very first video and I did live commentary, so it aint exactly flawless. If this video gets positive reactions…

27 thoughts on “DPS-MIS Farewell’14 Dance

  1. Like ur vid!! Can u send me the macros that you r using for this??

  2. Hey guys. im pretty new to feral druid and this is a noob questio but. How
    does feral do lots of damage. i mean is it the bleeds, etc. Ive noticed
    that my warrior does aloot more than my druid and i always run out of
    Energy :P

  3. what’s that addon that you use to help out the timers on dots and combo
    points? it’s pretty usefull

  4. How can i have too these bars which show when the attack ends?

  5. Hiya , where do you get that combat point addon ? Or is it part of the
    ForteXorcist ? Cheers

  6. Do you think being a feral is hard to learn and get used to ? It is my
    first time playing a feral druid so yeah. on this patch how were they
    difficulty wise?

  7. In no single way is haste better. Mastery increases the bleed damage u do
    with rake and rip which is far more effective then extra regeneration.

  8. @TheAirsmoke Sure: Recount, DeadlyBossMods and the timers are ForteXorcist.

  9. I realy like your video. its very great. but i have one question. did haste
    is important ? i ear that haste is more important than mastery and crit.
    because you can take extra energy. what did you think about?

  10. Just as you know, to increase your dps the most, you only use Savage Roar
    on 1 combo point, thats most effective. And stats used nowdays is actually
    haste over mastery and crit because you gain energy faster with having
    haste! 🙂

  11. this is what he says for stat priority (just so everyone can see it without
    going onto the site) «Agility > Mastery => Crit => Haste => 26 Expertise =>
    8% Melee Hit». think you must be right then, but I just prefer not to miss

  12. charge>ravage>mangle>shred>tigers fury>rake>rip I like this because in
    opener i can get 15% increased damage to my bleeds and then shred spam
    instantly to 3-5 combo points and get up savage roar.

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