[Diablo 3] Insane Dps Barbarian Greater Rift 40+ Raekor Furious Charge Fire Build Diablo 3 patch 2.1

Twitch.tv/chainerfails Greater Rift 36+ and how to do it — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1J4iXVFQRM.
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The Octatrack is a «dynamic performance sampler» meaning that in addition to sampling, automatic time stretching, and sequencing, if offers a lot of hands-on control for musicians and DJs….

50 thoughts on “[Diablo 3] Insane Dps Barbarian Greater Rift 40+ Raekor Furious Charge Fire Build Diablo 3 patch 2.1

  1. Here it is as I promised. Fire Raekor build explained. Hope you guys like
    it = )

  2. Can someone explain to me why his Maximus has 4 primary statistics and mine
    has only 3?

  3. sorry, but do you have anal itching? cuz u cant seem to sit still lol

  4. Thanks, Chainer — you’ve really helped me a ton with my Barbarian and given
    me some stuff to work towards!

  5. literally take like maybe 1 or 2 charges… is literally used as a pause
    filler instead of a word in the US now?

  6. Hey, i`v got your build its good for me but in 2.1.2 its not allowed to
    put call of the ancients on rmb. i put tornado there

  7. I have most of Barb done but I feel like a glass cannon. I charge into a
    fist to my face and drop in like one hit. Toughness needs to be worked on
    (7mil). I feel like I need to focus on defensive gems.

  8. hi @chainer1988, I have this «HEXING PANTS OF MR. YAN» and I just want to
    know if I receive the bonus damage from it while using furious charge…

  9. if you got pride of cassius that increase your ignore pain for 6 secs then
    its better to go with «ignorance is bliss» rune on Ignore Pain and use a
    fury spender like whirlwind or siesmic slam to heal you

  10. I know that this build is supposed to be amazing and all but I have tried
    5+ different set ups and it still seems to under perform for me. I
    honestly HATE this play style. Really don’t know what I’m doing wrong.
    Seems to rely heavy on RNG and mob density to perform at all. I think I’m
    going to put the Barb aside until it’s actually fun for me to play again.
    Have not enjoyed it since ROS launched.

  11. if I remember properly you can switch gear when you are outside of a
    greater rift, so maybe you can switch to leap quake build when you reach
    the greater rift guardian to kill it faster? or it is worth the time spent
    switching out

  12. Fire Raekor’s, can’t go wrong! I’m trying to bring back WW though! Been
    experimenting with some stuff, hopefully I’ll hit something good soon!

  13. No offens, but Falanx was an ancient battleformation. Respect for the
    build, but you fell in my eyes, not pronouncing phalanx… OMG.

  14. So this is were I am confused, you says fire and furious charge highlights
    dealing 1050% weapon damage as fire… How did you get your rune to become
    like that? 

  15. Fay-links. Phalynx. Good vid, can’t wait to find my Vile Ward

  16. just wondering why roll strength of your jewelry isn’t every 1 point of
    strength 1% damage

  17. I dont mind longer videos, but by having a simple check list you could have
    been on point and could have easily reduced the video length by 10-15

  18. Awesome vid. Been trying out a reakor 5p with perma ancients (4set). I
    wonder about the Bloodthirst. U dont seem to have any fury spender but
    Batttle rage. Do you spam in when in need of heals?

  19. +Álvaro Rodríguez Ortiz The Octotrack can be used to control and
    trigger samples in software via the 5 pin MIDI connection. I believe the
    USB will only be used to backup data, not software control. |Heather S| 

  20. How can all the stuff be loaded in a daw for add more musical things?
    I mean. How many outputs does it have? You want to compress some sounds

  21. I was making full-on beats within a few hours and did not crack the manual
    open ONCE. 

  22. I keep hearing and seeing how complex this thing is…but my concern is
    this: how efficient is it really at cooking up fast ideas without losing
    too much patience trying to remember mathematical formulas and swan diving
    thru 10 menus and palettes? Do I have to reverse engineer time and space
    just to make a simple beat??? I just don’t like it when the hurdles
    of the machine processes obstruct creative process for the sake of it just
    being a capable box.

  23. Can you hook up a PC with Ableton and trigger samples with it?

  24. I’d love to hear some complete songs made with this machine, just to get
    some better idea than from talking.

  25. just bought one of these….ooooft…where to start. at the beginning
    obviously….hell of a manual!

  26. Incredibly informed review from a real expert who totally understands the

  27. What a great review. You should do an in depth tutorial DVD — I’d buy that!

  28. @GanEdenVideo Thank you for contacting the E-Mail Sales Department at B&H
    Photo Video and Pro Audio. There is no listed VST enabler for the
    Octatrack, without a program like Audacity or Wavepad, the Octatrack would
    not recognize the VST files. It may be possible with future updates but at
    the moment there is no enabler for the Octatrack to run VST plug-ins.

  29. To Kenny Jenkins: What isn’t 80 MB of RAM enough for? There are only two
    reasons to load a sample into ram: (1) If you’re recording it in real time,
    or (2) If you want to modulate the start point quickly. Otherwise, you can
    play samples directly from the CF card. They can literally be hours long.

  30. right on man, very well done! i agree with the former comment- you should
    do a dvd for elektron.

  31. It takes some time to get used to all those buttons but after a while its
    like riding a bike. 😉

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