Rotation — Drop Soul Well WM into shard WM into circle and clip w/ wod WM into transmute WM into shard WM into transmute…

7 thoughts on “DCUO — Sorcery DPS AOE DOT LOADOUT

  1. I use the guardian because I don’t lose my weopon master bonus that way,
    its like having the robot sidekick for the extra damage over time and still
    getting the weopon mastery crits. And it also gives me the ability to have
    another power in my loadout because I dont have to feed him power. Overall
    I have always done TONS more damage without the fury. And I like the taunts
    in duos or solo instances with the guardian he saves your life from time to
    time and its really helpful. Thank you for your feedback. Its always

  2. ok well hit me up in game nicole if you would like to run with us :)

  3. im 107 cr with 89 pvp cr and 100 plus skill point but i dont interact with
    legaues well 

  4. It seems as if your guardian isn’t really hitting hard at all. So I’m
    wondering why you like guardian? I can understand why people love to use
    fury cause he hit hards but you have to keep him powered. I am also a
    sorcery dps, CECROPS, I haven’t tried your loadout so I can’t say anything
    bad but from first glance at your video it seems like you’re losing alot of
    damage using sorcery pets. With the pet transmutation hits for 900 to 1400
    but without it hits anywhere from 2200 to 4500. Your thoughts?


    USPS HERO LEAGUE «No Vacancy» is recruiting CR 104^ 100^ SP with a 89^ pvp
    cr. A mic is just about a must!

  6. I like your loadout ima try this tommorow when i switch my power 

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