DCUO: Quantum DPS Loadout — Advanced Mechanic in action

Yo guys and welcome to another Dark Reign video. This time I’ll be showing you my DC Universe Online DCUO Quantum DPS Loadout Advanced Mechanic in Action. The damage per second on this …
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49 thoughts on “DCUO: Quantum DPS Loadout — Advanced Mechanic in action

  1. Here’s a load out, use time shift-warped reality-tachyon blast-distortion
    wave-warp barrage-time bomb….. Rotation: warp barrage-time bomb-
    distortion wave- time shift- tachyon blast (clipped with warp reality
    whenever available) The reason this is the best rotation (from what I’ve
    tested so far, including gravity well and anomaly, etc) is because 1. Since
    you start off with warp barrage n it is a delayed attack when you hit time
    bomb, it hits within the cast so it basically gettin in four powers instead
    of three, next u do distortion to apply pi, then time shift, and finally
    tachyon. This load out has gotten me the best results and I haven’t lost to
    anyone as of yet, just a suggestion tho, test it out for yourself reign, n
    if u use it I don’t need credit or nuthn, just tryna help :)

  2. Smh lol my quantum league mate HollyPop has been bragging how OP she is
    since the update came out. I just hope they nerf it so she can stop it lol

  3. What’ll really help is if u put reality warped on the right trigger side
    with gravity well , put time bomb first, & do the rotation regularly. This
    way u won’t mess up at all , great load out btw I’ve used it 

  4. I’m 110 with low sp (only 100). My time bomb hit for 56k. I <3 it. :D

  5. Nice video , these players better enjoy this damage before the nerf 

  6. You said «an absolute freak of nature» that made me laugh. You right its
    crazy. I hope they do earth and celestial justice.

  7. warp barrage tends to lag. its a bad power to use imo. i can give you my
    laodout when i write it down if you want :P

  8. Hey its your airman sub, its been awhile but i heard that the ps servers
    will be merging. So when that does ill start playing again,and ill also
    make a villain toon. Would love to play with you guys and maybe join your
    league….maybe lol 

  9. Great vid. Im using a similar loadout. But I use timeshift instead of
    tacyhon blast. Is rhat ok? Seems to hit as hard. But I figure I ask the

  10. OMG all the ranking mybe nice but all thid specs makes 40k dps at least in

  11. with every class i had better dps on 3.3.5a in icc so you got bad rotation
    or low eq or you are just noob

  12. loved your video, i am getting back into wow and am looking to make a new
    character. Thank-you for mentioning how they fare in pvp as well as pve. 

  13. how is dps meters even accurate today with all the debuffz and shit ?

  14. Obviously this was before the facerolling Arcane Mages stepped in…

  15. survival REALLY IS HE stupid when i was survival i couldent kill anybody in
    pvp its the worst class.

  16. unholy is better than frost in every encounter in DS, frost is better for
    those without much of a brain 😛

  17. I was being overly dramatic. I know fire is good, but I was simply
    surprised that it wasn’t in the top 5. Then again, it might be now since
    this video is over a year old.

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