DCUO Mental Dps Weapon Mastery Loadout And Rotation

Hi Guys, This videos shows the loadout and weapon mastery rotation ive tryed with Mental 🙂 StarrySky Gaming — Youtube http://www.youtube.com/StarrySkyDCUO StarrySky Gaming — Twitch …

21 thoughts on “DCUO Mental Dps Weapon Mastery Loadout And Rotation

  1. so when i start the char should i give him martial arts as a weapon or 1 h?

  2. I use robot sidekick instead of pyro but I have a question do we still use
    terrorize in the rotation even wen the boss is not under 35% plz reply

  3. DC messed us over by taking out the WM crit with Mass Terror. I rarely DPS
    but it’s still annoys me. 

  4. Can you have a pure illusion loadout for dps? I have one and it’s not bad.

  5. Nice but i suggest using a shorter wm combo because Mass Terror stops
    ticking after about 4 — 6 ticks if im not mistaken.

  6. Nice video starry 🙂 ( good loadout, with hand blast and arc do more damage
    5-12k per arrow )

  7. I didn’t expect you to do a Mental one! Appreciate this a lot. Question:
    did you choose that specific WM because of the power or just trying
    different things?

  8. I literally have this same loadout right now, but get this, instead of
    thought bubble I specced into amazonian deflection because Im always so
    close to the enemies. It minimizes damage by a lot as well as deflect back
    damage and I think ots might based so I might be able to up it. You’re
    probably really far from mental by now, but I was gonna say check it out if
    you want…

    Anybody check it out and see how that little substitute is if they want and
    they melee definately only melee.

  9. My None Weapon Mastery Loadout Seems better for dmg than weapon mastery

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