DCUO Learn Earth: DPS (Loadout+Rotation) (GU39) (WM)

A complete guide for Earth DPS with loadout + rotation + power interaction + Skill point guide + power point guide + T6 raid demonstration. Like/Subscribe/Comment — iEddy Play DC Universe…
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17 thoughts on “DCUO Learn Earth: DPS (Loadout+Rotation) (GU39) (WM)

  1. Would you recommend this as DPS over Ice and Fire? And is it better as a
    tank or DPS

  2. ok… ive offically tested the damage off of every LEGITIMATE BUILD on
    http://spark.rstudio.com/mezz/dcuo/. and the best damage is going to come
    from using the pet loadout, Totem, Reinforce, Rumblecrush, Debris field,
    Fortify Golem, Crystal.


  3. If you want some boost for Might, just put Prec&Might instead of pure Prec

  4. You respond fast xD okay. Is celestial the only power that can use combos
    to save power? Besides hard light I haven’t seen the others and wondering
    if Earth can use if.

  5. Heyyyyy wouldn’t it be better using debris field then totem instead of vice
    versa since debris field is 45% and totems 50% ??

  6. I use prec/might, prec/power, prec/health. I also use striking stones
    instead of shards. imo shards damage just isn’t there.. with the WM bonus
    stones hits for 2-3k

  7. Hello eddy don’t know if you still use earth but tried this is in t6 but
    only did 1.6 million in the same time as you in the clip of your scoreboard
    you did like double my damage and then some I’m 101 so but more specced
    towards might should I go full precision or is your sp playing a major part
    in this

  8. Hi mate, nice loadout but try this one;
    Totem, Reinforce, Rumblecrush, Debris field, Fortify golum, Crystal.
    Similar setup as your video, wm>totem> reinforce, wm>RCrush>Debris, then
    wm> RCrush until reinforce is off cooldown.
    Always keep fortify on cooldown for pet power. Spec heavy into precision.

    I was never a fan of earth pets (had earth toons since BFE dlc was
    released), but since the revamp I’m doing unbelievable dps with this.

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