DCUO: Hardlight DPS Loadout (Ranged, Advanced Mechanic)

Yo guys and welcome to another Dark Reign Video. This time I’ll be showing a short guide on how to DPS at range with Hardlight on DCUO DC Universe Online. This is a short Hardlight DPS guide…
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25 thoughts on “DCUO: Hardlight DPS Loadout (Ranged, Advanced Mechanic)

  1. why quantum beats everyone even with the «new» celestial lol quantum its
    insane. HL i think they already messed with it again its weaker

  2. This is an interesting loadout but i found something else that works really
    well for me: Instead of getting fan i got Whip Thrash. For mobs i go
    Minigun-Ram,Whip thrash-impact-Light Blast-repeat from the top. For bosses
    i go Chompers clipped with inspiration,light claw-previously mentioned
    combo.It´s been working really well for me

  3. ram-snap-light blast-mini guns-ram. still great damage and uses less power

  4. Ranging with HL, there is no limit to what you can do. My rotation for
    single target is i start with snap trap>fan>impact>grasping
    hand>fan>impact>light blast> minigun> snaptrap and repeat. i do that so i
    cant have the DoT from both ST and GH going to make up for the long
    rotation. for multiple targets i just do Snap
    trap>lightblast>minigun>snaptrap. i let the animationfrom light blast and
    minigun play out since it hits almost every target infront of you with
    constant damage., and i can fly around with light blast and minigun so i
    feel like an assault helicopter rainning down destruction on enimies xD 

  5. Cool loadout but is the game worth coming back too? I stopped playing after
    war of the light part 1. Any new changes that have made the game more

  6. What did you say about a neck mod? Something mod. I could not understand
    Great vid again 

  7. will u be doing ice aswell? cuz i cant find a LO that work well with LW

  8. Holy crap my mind is blown right now. That type of build for range DPS is
    awesome and I will respect and give it a try. 

  9. i’am getting back into the game, with the new combo system do i need apply
    inspiration and chompers or can i just use the combo rotation to get good
    dps i see some videos were guys are clipping chomp and inspiration every 12
    sec i would think doing your rotation with out having to stop would give
    better dps, also were do you get the Sinestro gear

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