DCUO — Gadgets DPS in SM Trigon’s Prison: MORE THAN BEAST!!

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25 thoughts on “DCUO — Gadgets DPS in SM Trigon’s Prison: MORE THAN BEAST!!

  1. 1 day later : every dps is gadgets ……1 week later : devs nerf gadgets

  2. Well gadgets isn’t that op because by the time you get the 3 PIs built up
    other powers would have had 15k-20k damage out already

  3. ok guys kaiser first time using gadgets and i must say huge difference with
    the loadout he is using compare to my HL lol once again kaiser coming up
    yet with another loadout with killer damage! gadget is something to look
    out for people … better then rage,sorc, HL , etc! check it out!

  4. Kaiser try this wep mastery to Gauss into cryofoam/battle display fg Emp or
    Emp/distract when available. Same l.o just speeds up rotation

  5. Kaiser007 now you played with hl and gadgets which you think is doomg more
    dmg and fun ???? Nice vid

  6. Im not going to play this sm only reason cause you gonna need to pay real
    money for repair

  7. Funny how they made EMP stronger than supercharge. My top rage dps coulnt
    keep up with gadgets dps ATM. I used to b top dps all the time & now guess
    wat i;m sec dps:(- gadgets user do more damage than me by 4-8M

  8. I donno why everyone is getting on the gadgets bandwagon it doesn’t do much
    damage vs. the old gadgets with wm, you just get bigger numbers. In the
    time it takes to setup EMP you wouldve already done almost twice that
    amount of damage.

  9. you know you were playing here against 2 powers who arent that amazing for
    SM and buffed gadgets prec mainly… nothing to wonder.

  10. Hmmm this could possibly be the new era of might version wm because of the

  11. Btw kudos to you for being the first gadgets dps I see on youtube that uses
    the phantom triangle 🙂
    But apart from that I don’t like CF that much and consider stealth a nice
    way to take additional use out of Bunker Buster (Stealth+WM bonus crits).
    Atm I’m running Stickbomb/Napalm/Stasis/BD/Stealth/EMP with Bunker
    Buster/BD/GG in Stealth. I got a slight feeling that stick bomb has the
    potential to hit harder than Gauss Grenade with Weapon Mastery.
    But I still have an armory with Gauss/FG/Stasis. Havent testet it
    completely yet; I like both but I feel NG/SF/SB does slightly more.

    Have you considered clipping EMP with Dazing Device or another consumable?
    It does a decent chuck of additional damage, makes the rotation slightly
    faster and on top of that has the potential to CC adds.

  12. The devs make powers stronger then nerf it back again on purpose so people
    keep buying respecs 

  13. Still beast, i dont know why you waste your time on this game bro, League
    of legends filled out wembly stadium when it was in uk, can you imagine dc
    doing that lol

  14. hey Kaiser Love the video! Just subscribed! 🙂 What is your Might and Prec
    in this video?

  15. Do u still use precion and might or do u prefer going full might with this

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