DCUO : DPS Skill Point Guide for Max Damage All Powers

Yo guys and welcome to another Dark Reign video. This time I’ll be showing you my DCUO DC Universe Online Max Damage Skill Point Guide. This is the skill point spec I’ve always used was a DPS…
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23 thoughts on “DCUO : DPS Skill Point Guide for Max Damage All Powers

  1. thank you ^_^, ca you quantum loadout for dps/ controlller showing the
    rotation with the AM

  2. Lol im such a noob. This whole time i ghought u had yo unlock the WM before
    u could access the bottom row of stats smdh.

  3. Hmmmm… Nice vid bro. I counted 79 sp for all crits and SS, I only have
    105, but I have specced into 3 wm just for the bottom tier might/precision
    … My HL need all the precision I can get… My question is — would i be
    better re speccing to get the crits but lower my precision or remain as I
    am until I get more SP? I out DPS most in league/ops with my HL toon
    already except 1/2 who has like 160/180sp, soooo, even though this is top
    top advice .. Would it be beneficial to a measly 105 sp character — thanks
    again bro 

  4. Wow very useful! Im almost tempted to ditch my ranged wm sp for pvp and my
    melee wm sp for PVE content now — obviously still getting the wm extra
    stats — additionally ditching the lesser damage ranged wm combo for PVE. I
    always just specced to get all wm combos for my current weapon (in both PVE
    and PVP Dual Wield currently). I only have 18sp less than you so I should
    still benefit from your method should I do this when I next log in.

    Thanks for the tips! — Malevis (LordQuantum)

  5. hey nice vid could you just do one 4s 5s pvp match/loadout i enjoyed your
    pvp movie 1v1 but im not really sure what would be the best 4s 5s i srim to
    :/ anyway nice vid! i subbed ^^

  6. Hey Dark Reign just wondering if u have any tips for a mental dps loadout
    I’ve been trying several things but haven’t found a good one

  7. Good video. I used to spec this way but then I decided to try speccing the
    WMs I wanted and then getting the bottom innates in every tree that had
    precision. I completely forgot to test which is better lol. Thanks for
    reminding me. I’ll do a vid on the results.

  8. Cn u show me how to setup the skills tree point for hand blaster so I cn
    put out more powerful damage. 

  9. Im curious about movement points. Im flight but I get the breakout and
    resistance points I believe its 7 in total. Im at 153 so not nearly as high
    as you but you dont get them. Why not.?

  10. You should tell people about the league hall proficiencies. They do matter
    too although it may not seem like it too most, but those damage
    proficiencies make you deal more damage as long as your league is active
    and buying them. ^.^

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