Borderlands 2 -Mechromancer Build -Max DPS — Raid Boss’s/Lvl Up Guides Inc.

IMO, this is the best Mechromancer build out there, ive included a Raid Boss’s guide along with a leveling up guide as well towards then end. this build utilizes all of gaiges buffs and uses…
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25 thoughts on “Borderlands 2 -Mechromancer Build -Max DPS — Raid Boss’s/Lvl Up Guides Inc.

  1. one question: does the synergy synergise with the synergism OR do I have to
    synergise the synergy with another synergy for the synergism to kick in?

  2. nice Build i will try to beef up my Mecro still good character like the
    Psycho and Gunzerker 

  3. did you seriously use the Dungeon Siege music? …’re my hero. 

  4. got my first pearlescent gun and it has no element.. fuck me…

  5. Can somebody tell me how to get this legendary classmod (especially with
    that «better half» skill boost)? Or maybe someone to dup it with? I have
    hudge amount of lvl 61 legendaries that i can share with you as well. (I’m
    on PC by the way)

  6. Has anyone got level 61-72 butchers to dupe with me? Id appreciate it, also
    i don’t know anyone who plays the game so I’ve never done this stuff

  7. Does the lack of accuracy in Anarchy apply to weapons whose aiming ability
    aren’t conventual? For example will the decrease in accuracy affect your
    ability to aim weapons like «The Fibber» or «The Sandhawk», or even weapons
    like «The Hail» since they don’t technically shoot straight anyway. Just

  8. Very uncommon to see a build focusing on the two outer skill trees. I like

  9. The barrel 2 fibber is the greatest mechromancer weapon ever. It breaks the
    game. Everytime you shoot it takes 1 bullet but it then splits into 5
    bullets when it hits a target. Each bullet has a chance to deflect and do
    100% damage. 

  10. Sounds like the music from Dungeon Siege 2 remixed in the beginning there.

  11. but why should u use blood shoaked shields with roid shields?
    gonna try with claws out though, gonna make a build that looks like yours,
    thanks for the inspiration ;)

  12. Need legendary smg will give money gamertag AFK CAMANDO PS I know I spelled
    it wrong

  13. I am struggling in UVH so much, i cant get any good guns despite hours of
    midget farming in the wildlife rpeserve, keys provide useless weapons, im
    lvl 60 and ahve respeced about 10 times now, and I barely do any damage
    despite having weapons over 40k and legendaries including one pearlesceant

  14. ok the only thing to need to do to be op as a mechromancer is get the
    fibber and get the close enough skill and then you just fire on the ground
    and everyone is dead and you are god

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