25 thoughts on “BEHOLD ! GW2: Necromancer’s Glass Cannon customization options & warrior DPS comparison

  1. I know i shouldn’t… but i took a break from ESO to make part II of this
    video, prepare yourselves to rage :)

  2. Thanks for the shout out! I wish it was under better circumstances, you
    know, like a circumstances where you presented honest and accurate
    information to your legion of credulous fans.

    If you believe you have some amazing revelation post it on our public
    theorycraft forum. http://dtguilds.com/forum/m/6563292/viewforum/4280877
    Just a heads up to read the rules first, made up numbers and cherry-picked
    data aren’t allowed. Looking forward to seeing what you have to offer.

  3. How are you supposed to get the might, for the might benefit on the
    strength runes?

  4. This… is a correct representation of the average DPS comparison between
    the two classes, proved via actual video footage. Anyone that wishes to
    challenge this claim is free to do so, but every time you provide different
    numbers or charts or… what ever else, i also will require the math behind
    your calculations, just to be sure everything is in order :)…

    I will start by extending the offer to look over the math calculations of
    the people that have challenge my claims here, so that i may approve them
    if i find them correct :).

    I would not like to make my next video on this subject based on their
    numbers without seeing the math… i… god forbid, might assume the math
    behind the calculations wrong… therefor it is important to see the math,
    to validate… so i can go on from there…

    If anyone is willing to take me on my offer please leave your answer
    here… until that time arrives, i hope you all enjoy your gaming, and have
    a nice day :).

  5. 13:00 Warr have a 10% dmg boot while their endurance is not full, i can
    tell the warriors u compare youself to suck, and a well played necro is
    better dps then the crap they are producing, but please gs2 is part of the
    rotation, even in a 10 sec fight.

  6. can u do it with rangers too?
    most people think ranger is baddest profession. :(

  7. A Necromacer cant be a glass canon, just like a warr, their dps is okay,
    but u cant kill them.

  8. Im new to GW2, and necromancer is my first character, but — man im lovin
    it! I read on the forums that necro is this, and necro is that, and he is
    broken and good for nothing, dont have AoE. ??!!
    I enter the crowd, hit well of suffering + locust swarm + DS and bind
    myself to 5 of them, and watch how they die!
    What does that people talk aboutt than? Necro can kill only single target?!
    Complete rubbish.
    Whenever my friend is in trouble im there to step up and soke up the
    damage, im there to go into the middle of all enemies so he can slaughter
    And on top of all that my axe spins!!! 🙂 I can get enough of that. Im
    wearin axe just for that beautifull skill where my axe spins and claws
    shreds meat from my oponents.
    This is the game, and one should enjoy in it.

  9. I had that closed mind hur dur necro weak i kill everything with my warrior
    hur dur ..then i leveled a necro..omfg so much dmg with a awesome
    resilence…now seeing your video im sure of what im experiencing thx for
    the video!!GJ!

  10. lol what this guy is smocking? 10s is benchmark? testing on fully debuffed
    champ atked by huge number of ppl and talking about dungeon dps? dude this
    is biggest fail ever seen xD

  11. Hey, I’ve been fiddling around with a build close to this(was 6/3/0/0/5
    until I saw the damage from this video), and I was wondering about
    something: Would Reapers Precision(33% chance on crit to gain 1% life
    force) be a good fit over Focused Rituals? I’m mainly wondering because you
    were basically right next to the champ for the wells to more than likely
    hit — and as I type this out, I’m wondering if it would proc while in DS to
    add 1% Life Force..

    Also, I know that Lich Form was doing some pretty badass damage, but it was
    on par with DS damage(if not less at some times). Would it not be better to
    just pop into DS while flesh golem is bashing the enemies face in and while
    you continue to pump out the damage/regain Life Force? Just wondering if it
    would be better. I tend to use flesh golem like an ele FGS-4 wall rush.

    This is what I’m looking on putting together(long-term goal lol). Just
    wanted another Necromancer’s opinion on a few details if you don’t mind. :)

  12. This test is really biased.. you did not use #3 on warrior, #5 or switch to
    whatever your other weapon was. evisc on such a build can hit for 30-40k. I
    dont play warrior, i dont even pve, but i used to do pve and know how my
    best friends rotation worked.

    Would you care to re-test and add in evisc, #3 and #5 with another 5
    seconds on the benchmark?

    I feel that if you did do this, warrior would start to outshine necro by a
    significant amount.

  13. i love you for doing this, nobody would ever believe me. when i was playing
    my necro :(

  14. endlich einer, der mal den ganzen Leuten zeigt, das Necro auch mit dem dps
    mithalten kann!

  15. Thanks man, I really enjoy all your builds and you’ve also done a lot of
    work on the vids which is obvious. Keep it up!

  16. Hey Nemesis! When can we expect the new conditionmancer?? Is eveything ok
    with you? 

  17. How about trying for 60 seconds? Since there is also time when you can’t
    use your strong abilities and need to wait like death shroud.(Haven’t
    played game for a while so maybe I’m wrong (wrecking garrosh in WoW atm

  18. So can you use a different kind of rune besides strength? They are really
    expensive right now.

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