AST Clan GTA IV: DPS Training Academy — Part 1

This is the part of multiple videos in which you can take a look inside the AST Clan’s training academy. The academy is technically known as the Alaska Department of Public Safety Training…

24 thoughts on “AST Clan GTA IV: DPS Training Academy — Part 1

  1. +Mattmcs2 can you give me pack link since your not in clan anymorew?

  2. I am so proud to be a part of the Alaska State Troopers. They are the best
    ever and very professional. 

  3. Hey im about to get a new computer what do you think I should get to make
    gta run better? Please reply.

  4. U dont speak correctly…your subtitles say 1A-1 and u are saying 1A-4

  5. The Videos you guy’s do as an (AST) Clan is pretty cool but I was laughing
    pretty hard when you guys were stating thing’s like what’s my 10-20 I mean
    come on that sounds like a rookie straight out of the academy I was taught
    (NOT) to say crap like that lol but anyways another thing would be saying
    on a Traffic stop Times 1…… let’s repeat that…. Time’s ONE!!!!!
    WHAT!!!!! you should really state that it is One Time not time’s one I mean
    come on again Rookies right out of the Academy but other then that one more
    thing you guy’s need to Really work on is age for your little Department
    for an Example I’m pretty sure there was a 9 year old kid in your little
    rookie group If these clans like yours with lot’s of people in them did not
    just let (Anyone join) then it would be WAY better but in all Very nice
    video I agree with Project I too am Very well impressed with you kids with
    Most like’y 0% training in law enforcement. Well that’s all meaby this
    Comment will make you guy’s sound less like noob’s……………. And a
    real Traning Academy for Law Enforcement could take up to 7 or 8 mounth’s
    depending on a few thing’s but I guess you kid’s get off easy.

  6. My swat tactical force should train with u guys we’re on ps3 only.Add me on
    psn at XXJOKER1234xxlol.we have 40+ members and add me if u want to join.

  7. why are they saying sir this is a fucking game this will teach you nothing
    except radio codes…. they probably might not even live in that fucking

  8. just for you bad ass trainers (not really).. You could of easily just rode
    in the vehicle with them………

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