6.1 Fury Warrior PVE DPS Guide — Warlords of Draenor

6.1 Fury Warrior DPS Guide PVE World of Warcraft — Fury Warrior PVE Guide WoW 6.1 Fury Warrior PVE Guide — World of Warcraft Fury Warrior dps Guide 6.1 6.1 Arms Warrior Guide Warrior DPS guide …
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

26 thoughts on “6.1 Fury Warrior PVE DPS Guide — Warlords of Draenor

  1. Annotation is set for the macro, but incase you do not have annotations
    enabled here is the macro:
    /Cast Recklessness
    /Cast Blood Fury (Orc Only)
    /Cast Bloodbath
    /Cast Avatar
    /Cast Charge

    DOING EVERYTHING RIGHT! On the serious note, its good to here that I
    haven’t been fucking things up >.<

  3. Great video! However, I noticed that your Skada meter is on dps instead of
    damage done. Is there a certain reason why you have it on dps instead of
    damage done? I feel that having it on damage done is more useful because
    dps can be skewed from dots, movement, and time away from the boss, and
    therefore doesn’t represent a realistic account of damage for the
    encounter. Just wondering.

  4. What addons on do you use? especially the one for the enrage bar? Thanks

  5. Quick Question: I don’t know if I missed something out but when should I
    take Bloodbath and when should I take Avatar?

  6. thanks, good guide sir 🙂
    But I would prefer AM over Siegebreaker, especially on «the train» boss to
    have your Bladestorm ready everytime those adds come. Also I’m not sure (so
    correct me) but I personally find AM in combination with Avatar and
    SB/DRagonroar more pewpew than taking Siegebreaker over AM.
    Also about the Stormbolt vs Dragonroar thing: I agree about your oldschool
    opinion, BUT:
    I personally found out for myself If I’m very lucky with proccs (and yeah I
    am, so don’t be jealous:P) that I have to delay SB for more than just a few
    seconds, as it priority is so low…so I find dragonroar better (with
    higher gearlevel), as you don’t have to delay it as much as SB and in the
    end a damage increase, also with AM.
    What also would have been worth to mention would have been the tempo cap of
    11% where you can constantly be enrage as you can hit BT more often…which
    may also leads to mastery being more valuable than multistrike, which also
    explains why TG takes over SMF: Guys what has more mastery (stats), 2h or
    1h weapon? 😉
    But actually one of the realy rare and better warrior guides on youtube. So
    keep the good work up!
    Greetings from a fellah warrior

  7. your always talking about being rage capped lol i am rage starved… how do
    i not get that

  8. Could you add timers for when you talk about the rotation, glyph ext. and
    maybe some gamelpay fo you hitting a dummy and showing the rotation instead
    of just talking with other gamplay int he back ground?

  9. the fact that you’re dual wielding the black hand makes me want to hate you
    but i cant because this guide is great

  10. Nice vid man ! And could you possible make a review off all the char’s you
    have ?? 

  11. Pretty solid. The talent become a bit more difficult to choose in certain
    fights/difficulties and the 4 set makes anger more appealing. Playing
    around with Bloodbath Vs. Avatar and Siegebreaker Vs. Anger myself on the
    heroic fights. I think it would have been worth noting how execute phase
    changes how you spend your GCDs. All in all pretty solid though. I
    generally parse 98% or higher on warcraft logs so I can back up the guide.

  12. Single minded fury vs TG is basicly equal, you should use what ever you
    have as highest ilvl we are talking about 150 dps diffrance with a 45k dps

  13. Hi! im lvling a Warrior and have trouble to choose what Spec i want to
    take, Amrs Or Fury.. I will go mostly play PVE. i have played ARMS before,
    but are FURY a better choice for pve?

  14. Dope ass guide man, btw I’ve been wondering, how is arms fairing for pve?

  15. question I’m having trouble in dpsing. i sit dpsing and hitting blood
    thirst 4-5 times and nothing procs for a long time. im already 660 and
    still feels still out.

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