5.4 Balance Druid DPS Guide — Warcraft Academy

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24 thoughts on “5.4 Balance Druid DPS Guide — Warcraft Academy

  1. while leveling a balance druid through dungeoning I’ve found my dps to be
    insanely weak. Mostly due to mobs dying to quick for me to able to cast
    anything else than dots. Am I doing anything wrong or is just simply the
    low level dungeons too easy to be able to play efficiently as a balance
    druid? This is really frustrating.. 

  2. Does somebody know if this druid has his interface downloadable somewhere?
    I know this isnt evrelia playing so im not sure if he knows where i can get
    it :(

  3. omg the volume difference from your mic and your intro is really upsetting

  4. do you always keep up sunfire and monfire?? regardless of the eclipse

  5. So, do you do any healing guides? I’m a resto druid and have been trying to
    find guides about it. 

  6. If anyone has strings for the weak auras used in this video I’d fucking
    love them.

  7. all the crazy if/then of moonkin spells ruined the fun of the class for me.
    I really appreciate the video, though.

  8. Dude your interface is awesome. is it possible to get it axactly like that?
    with proccs, weakauras etc.

    great video.

  9. Even with this guide, Balance Druid have a high skill ceiling, the only way
    to learn how to play a boomkin efficiently, you have to play the hell out
    of it.

  10. Holy crap I was with him completely up until he started doing things now
    I’m just like wahhhh???

  11. Do you have an installer for your uo setup by chance? Its really cool

  12. Hey Evrelia quick question, You are 1 tick from Solar on your opener. Is
    there a reason you do that instead of starting in Solar. I would guess
    because off the one wrath cast? Am I correct?

  13. What am i doing wrong? I am level 90 but rarely doing anything above 10k
    damage. Can someone help me?

  14. good guide. my moonkin alt is around 560. i have tried this solar opener
    and found that i am doing less damage doing everything listed. is it such a
    big diffrence in solar and lunar openers?

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