3D инструктор ВАЗ 2106 Полиция ДПС

Играем за ДПСника и наказываем нарушителей с помощью отпиз*юливания с ВАЗ 2106 ДПС 😀 Сайты с модами для 3D инст…
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Hi Guys, Welcome to my Master Of Space Quantum Dps Loadout video 🙂 StarrySky Gaming — Youtube http://www.youtube.com/StarrySkyDCUO StarrySky Gaming — Twitch …

37 thoughts on “3D инструктор ВАЗ 2106 Полиция ДПС

  1. то что писали справа нарушал не он а ты вот ржака!

  2. Если ты мент ты не имеешь вообще право на выезд на встречку через 2-ю
    сплошную.+В аварию ты был виноват!

  3. Твой баг в том что ты на 1 передачи к 50-ти км розганяешся… ( гелик

  4. Как мне поиграть с тобой если у меня только планшет

  5. На гелике ехала мафия. И пыталась скрыться!

  6. + DCUO FinalNova i will be switching to quantum soon because i think its
    gonna become a strong power with my loadout.

  7. i have this loadout but with a brawling weapon however i am thinking about
    switching to hand blasters 

  8. Starry u kno why my game data gets corrupted every time i try to do tge new

  9. When Quantum came out I bought it and I use it all the way to lvl30 now I’m
    like one of the strongest one with quantum powers and fought a lot of
    people and I been winning most of the time I been losing to tank role like
    Ice/Fire/Rage/Earth I been winning against Controllers and especially
    Healers cause I gain buff when I fight against them So yeah Quantum should
    be top 3 strongest power like Rage is 1 Quantum is 2/ and that Cele power
    is 3 So I have 3 characters with 3 different powers Rage Quantum and Cele

  10. But isnt quantum the most power ungry our one of the most power ungry?

  11. I used to hit 10 to 15k with hl but with quantum i hit 4 to 8k is it
    because quantum is weak?

  12. Rewatching this on the account of, I switched from Rage to Quantum, and
    like it hella better. Don’t know which power I hit harder with. Don’t
    really care. 

  13. Can you give me a link to your latest Quantum DOS loadout guide please?
    Thank you!

  14. Starry would u say quantum is a better dps power set than hard light?

  15. i use only singularity and no gravity bomb because it dont need so much
    mana i know singularity has 5% less dmg bonus but it works nice…
    my 2. skill is this tunnel skill (i dont know the name in english) when i
    have aggro in t6 raids or alerts then i teleport away and attack again with
    other powers you have to block and run and lose more time
    no gadgets use gauss granate and napalm bomb together xd 

  16. Hey Starry heard next dlc maybe war of light and possibly of it being blue
    lantern troll or possibly healer we had heal, tank and logically next is
    troll. Being that blue lanterns could be healer or troll cause they boost
    the power of will what do you think ?

  17. Its underated because of the power it consumes. But you seem to do just
    fine with it and so do I. Which is why I don’t like the fact that its not
    used much.

  18. I use venom boost instead of robot sidekick which is better in ur opinion ?

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