2110 dps Vindicator — One Job Setup w/ site run example

Fit for a specific task, this vindy is doing some serious dps. Audio Tracks used: (in order) Regulator_A — Tron Evolution OST Regulator_C — Tron Evolution OST Tron_Amb1A — Tron Evolution OST…
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Продолжение: http://www.autoruservis.ru/video-Gai.php.
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25 thoughts on “2110 dps Vindicator — One Job Setup w/ site run example

  1. This Guy Needs A Taste Of Humble Pie.Also A Taste Of FitShipRight

  2. Sorry witch imps do you use? maybe i´m blind, but i don´t find anything
    about them. THX

  3. Very Interesting. Looks good for the purpose intended! Do you mind sharing
    the Domi fit? Can’t quite make out all the modules on it. «…Just blap,
    blap, blap them friggs» lol love it!

  4. 500 DPS drones — a DPS those drones are in your dronbey, and you’re all
    drones can release the space that you have available? and without deceit
    does not? A control in space you can only 5 drones and their DPS is not 500

  5. Keep it up, screw the meta, fuck the people who think their way is right…
    this is the way eve was ment to be played

  6. Looking back at this, imagine if you fitted 3x faction mag stabs and 3x
    faction Dmg mods to drones xD

  7. needs a microwarpdrive then it will be perfect. im getting over 1630 on my
    guns. must be a different hardwire set up.but ya u can achieve the same
    results and go over 1000 ms. that way u can jump ontop of the bs faster if
    they far away .

  8. Would this fit be practical for running Sansha or Angel missions?

  9. this ship and setup with the domi drones assisted all i gotta say is WTF
    wow crazy setup very nice a tad on the expensive side but still nice

    What sites do you run this setup with

  10. That was crazy

    Do you do any pvp? You definitely need to do a stealth bomber video with
    after effects man

  11. Nice. A couple buddies and I flew vindis on tq tailor made for specific
    anomalies in 0.0. Ours we in the 1800-1900 dps range and could one shot
    cruisers inside of cnam range and would only need about 4 or 5 volleys to
    pop the battleships.

    In C5 space now so the vindi is gathering dust in hs now.

  12. take off the 4th mag stab(Stacking penalty makes it useless) and add a
    damage control II. Just my view anyways bro. apart from that its a stella
    DPS Dealer

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